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Francisco José MojicaDirector, Centro de Pensamiento Estratégico y Prospectiva

Researcher in Prospecting, advisor to the prospective project of the Ministry of Science and Technology of Venezuela (2000); and he was a Consultant of the “Andrés Bello Agreement” from 2000 to 2008. Currently he has been invited by “Pro Gobernabilidad” (Government of Canada) to participate in the training of the territorial prospective processes of Peru (2015) and by ECLAC to intervene in training in foresight in the countries of the region (Cuba, Bolivia, 2015). Dr. Mojica has published multiple books and scientific publications on technological foresight. He is a doctor in "Human Sciences" from the University of Paris V "René Descartes" (Sorbonne) and has a post-doctorate in "Prospective and Strategy" at the "Laboratoire d'Investigation en Prospective, Stratégie et Organizations" under the direction of the professor Michel Godet, in Paris.

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