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Platform and regional network that aims to identify, map, study and share future trends and technological developments in sectors of critical importance for the Americas, and provide inputs that may be useful for decision-making and public policy formulation.


The objective of Prospecta Americas is to share good practices and experiences by regional experts in technology forecasting, support capacities development, generate joint collaborative projects and improve social appropriation of knowledge of 10 transformative technologies identified as promising for the region. Big Data, Internet of things (5G), Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, Robotics, Gene Editing, Biomedical Engineering, 3D and 4D manufacturing and new nanostructured materials.
In 2019, Prospecta Americas launched the First International Seminar on Technology Foresight for the Americas, during which more than 30 researchers, experts and leaders from the public and private sectors presented and analyzed the opportunities and challenges of the 10 aforementioned technologies for social, economic and sustainable development of the Americas. The event, held in Lima, Peru, was attended by more than 1,200 participants in person and more than 25,000 connected via webcast.
As a result of the First Seminar Prospecta Americas promotes a network of Inter-American Centers of Excellence in Technology Foresight in these 10 transformative technologies. These Centers will focus on the areas of specialization, existing capabilities, and interests of the OAS Member States. They will conduct studies, identify and implement specific lines of research to address strategic challenges in the Americas and seek solutions through advanced technology.

The centers will foster the collaboration of governments, universities, research centers, the private sector, NGOs and allies.

Network of Researchers, Experts and Leaders

10 Transformative Technologies

1200 face-to-face participants

25,000 webcast participants